Sourcing Items from India. Specializing in Selling products for Artisans and their crafts, If you don't see what your looking for contact me I can source whatever you may need from India. I specialize in product manufacturing you have a design idea I can make it happen.

Catfluff is a European born American raised designer who ended up In India 6 years ago. She saw a niche market when she started taking pics in the streets of all the fabulous things India had for sale, Her artisan friends, started to drool and she started selling all sorts of items for there crafts. From Used silk sari for nuno felting to wood blocks for stamping textiles or even pottery.

Soon she could no longer keep all the things in a backpack and travel so she based herself in Delhi. There she found more things to sell and a new niche was born the event planners and stylists came knocking, and she started to sell event decor for them and many weddings and party's thoughtout the world have been decorated by Catfluff's Keen eye for color and detail.